A little

about me

I am inspired and feel empowered by the reality that Design is in every and anything. Before starting on my path as a UX Designer, I worked extensively with food, as a line cook and, most recently, a Chef. It took the whole year and a half between leaving the food industry and finding UX to realize that all of the skills I acquired and honed during those ten years did not and will not go to waste. In fact, I believe that cooking for others is a form of creating a user experience; in both UX and cooking, at no point should the person who will be experience what you’ve created leave your mind. I also know that collaboration plays a huge role in Design. Coming from an industry where the only road to success involves teamwork, I have a career that is built upon learning to work with others to get the job done. Not to mention, it doesn't hurt that I know how to make a delicious and comforting snack with very few ingredients!

As a Buddhist practitioner, the belief that all life is worthy of respect informs the way I move through the world and see others (at least how I intend to - I’m still human after all!). I believe that this practice, which is rooted in finding inner wisdom, courage and compassion, has set me up with the right foundation for the kind of work that is focused on empathizing with others, digging deep to find new solutions and ideas, and having the courage to bring those ideas to life.

Some other things that bring me joy: My nephew, puzzles, reading, cooking (still!), traveling, dancing (especially salsa), playing the piano or flute, "The Office".